About us

LICA CZECH s.r.o. Company was founded in 1994 as a supplier of proper technology for cable television operators.

Apart from technology deliveries the following services are currently offered:

  • Systems studies and  design , delivery of appropriate technology, putting the systems in operation, trainings and full service in the field of  Internet implementation in cable television networks.
  • Complete design of digital television transmission both in the array of co-axial distribution systems and IP networks.
  • Set-top-box deliveries for cable TV operators including the signal scrambling at the headend  output applying the CONAX system.
  • Set-top-box deliveries for IPTV network operators and design of their main headends.
  • Operating e-shop DVB-C-SHOP.cz which is primarily focused on sale of Set Top Boxes
  • Development of own monitoring and managing cable TV applications
  • Logistical services

LICA CZECH s.r.o. is Czech company with long tradition and professional experiences and within years, LICA CZECH s.r.o. has became CISCO certified partner, exclusive Czech distributor of BELDEN cables, exclusive Czech supplier of DVB-C set top boxes KAON, exclusive representative of AMINO (producer of IPTV set top boxes) for whole Europe, operator and partner of CONAX scrambling system, exclusive supplier of DVC-C CA modules SMiT, exclusive Czech distributor of ARRIS CMTS technology, exclusive Czech and Slovak distributor of TECHNETIX components for CATV companies and exclusive partner of TELESTE company within the frame of DVB technologies and optical solutions.

Delivery of technology needed for providing your services to your customers is not the only objective of ours. We want to be your reliable partner offering you our expertise in your investment intentions including optimization of the technology selection, full support in your projects execution and all kinds of services. Our mutual cooperation is expected to be of a long-term character so that the networks we build together will always remain modern and competitive.

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