General description of the services provided with the implementation and operation of miniCMTS

Based on the experience of our pilot projects, we can divide the implementation and operation of miniCMTS into the following stages:
- Pre- installation, i.e. preparing the coaxial network for inserting miniCMTS, including frequency and data components.
- Operation, i.e. remote monitoring of miniCMTS operation as well as cable modem performance. This includes the configuration of the network according to marketing and technical requirements.
- SLA services (ensuring the operation of miniCMTS in the long run), i.e. providing support to the manufacturer for SW repairs, SW bugs and SW control up-grade.
LICA s.r.o. provides all the above services related to implementation and operation on miniCMTS based on its experience with the device’s pilot testing. Knowing that this technology is targeting clients with different backgrounds and requirements (cable TV operators have different needs than those of ISP), we provide different services, which is reflected in their cost.