Data TV outlet TWO 3400

This TV outlet dedicated for direct wall mounting is equiped with internal diplex filter. Output of this filter is terminated on separate "F" connector for connecting cable modem. This provides additional isolation for data return path bandwitdth in order to increase signal to noice ratio and achieve higher QAM modulation possible.


1 F > 40 MHz -1.5 dB/oct

2 Transfer impedance method according IEC 60728-2 (5-30 MHz)

Absorbtion clamp method according IEC-60728-2 § 4.4 (30-1000 MHz)

3 Surge pulse at the input according IEC-1000-4-5 level 2

4 Two carriers at 120dBμV,Out to In, after 10 pulses (25V/1,2μS rise time/500μS duration) at all ports

5 Due to Universal Press-in Connectors any configuration of output Connectors is possible